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Double Uprising – Get up to Get Down
The new Double Uprising is killing it once again. Dub Up is Double D Down N Dirty and Uprising Industries which combine to be one of the most funky promotion companies in the world. We not only each have our own clothing companies but years of promoting and pushing real events to Southern California, East Coast Florida and New York. Contact us for more information for creative festival promot...
Double D Down N Dirty
Double D Down N Dirty started in Guadalajara Mexico as one of the few pioneering fair trade clothing companies in the world.  Based in New York, Double D Down N Dirty slayed and is currently in retails stores streching from New York to Florida to California. Each batch of clothing that is sold is cut, sewed and printed with: no child labor, fair working conditions, profit sharing for o...
Uprising Industries – Tight and Right
Uprising Industries originally began promoting festivals in Woodstock NY and had a bunch of good years throwing concerts, arranging the security, designing the flyers and booking the some top talent. UpIn is now developing a couple of different funky clothing lines that are being released in stores next season. Look out for the infinity scarf, long island quality shirts and other funky designs....

Ron Artest Single Champion MP3 Listen – Video – Song

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Listen to the track that Ron Artest was plugging. It’s called Champion by Ron Artest.

I looked around trying to find the song and I could not find it in many places so here is the song.

“Champion” by Ron Artest from the Lakers.

I saw the funniest post about his interview. I love how he plugged his people the and kept it real.

Now let’s see if by putting putting up the single “Champion” on the website we can get some visitors! 😉 Maybe people might read a little about the other real topics like the oil leak and learn what is really going on!