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The new Double Uprising is killing it once again. Dub Up is Double D Down N Dirty and Uprising Industries which combine to be one of the most funky promotion companies in the world. We not only each have our own clothing companies but years of promoting and pushing real events to Southern California, East Coast Florida and New York. Contact us for more information for creative festival promot...
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Double D Down N Dirty started in Guadalajara Mexico as one of the few pioneering fair trade clothing companies in the world.  Based in New York, Double D Down N Dirty slayed and is currently in retails stores streching from New York to Florida to California. Each batch of clothing that is sold is cut, sewed and printed with: no child labor, fair working conditions, profit sharing for o...
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Uprising Industries originally began promoting festivals in Woodstock NY and had a bunch of good years throwing concerts, arranging the security, designing the flyers and booking the some top talent. UpIn is now developing a couple of different funky clothing lines that are being released in stores next season. Look out for the infinity scarf, long island quality shirts and other funky designs....

Best Brass Bands Coming at Ya!

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I don’t know what it is but I freaking love brass bands.   You know almost like those old timey brass bands, but really what hits close to the heart of my ear drum are those brass bands that take it to the next level.   The complexities of sound that layer onion style.

This new band I was just peeping out To Be Continued Brass Band are killing it!  They throw down some layered brass that blows my mind.  When I mean layered I mean they are holding down a blasting rhythm (blasting because they are most horns and whatever they do will sound full and loud) and while they have this killer rhythm in comes this funky trumpet throwing it right on top in a different time signature.  I know you all heard those songs that 1 person starts, then the next comes in 5 seconds later, than the next 5 seconds layer until they are all doing something and the sound gets full.  Yeah tight like that.  To make it even cooler if you check them out watch the videos of these young and older black dudes just ripping it through the streets of Louisiana.  It feels like they add a hip-hop vibe to the brass.  makes me think of a brass band I heard covering a James Brown tune.  Funky-brass- hip-hop.

Another brass band I just popped into they are called the Youngblood Brass Band, here is a song Brooklyn you can listen to.   Just the name made me listen to them.  The Brooklyn song is pretty much exactly what I mean.  The funny thing is after checking out To Be Continued Brass Band I though these guys would be brothas from New Orleans too but not the case.  Here is the Youngblood Brass Band Website.  As I listened to them more the funny thing was I thought they sounded a little more like high school brass and not so gritty as the To Be’s but cool anyway for sure. 

Of course you don’t know about brass bands like, Rebirth Brass Band and  the Dirty Dozen Brass band and a few others I am going to toss at you through this website.

Keep that brass pumping, till next time, bounce on that tuba.  _H