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Oil Spill Current Projection June 2010

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Where the hell is the real news!?

Has anyone realized how hard it is to get real data. Like where is a compreshensive list of what BP and the Man are doing right now about the massively flow

This oil shit is pretty fucked…

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“Pardon my language.”   by Harry Dingles

Its pretty terrible what we are doing these days.   Right now we just shot a bunch of whatever into the spewing hole of the Gulf of Mexico bam!  And guess what, nothing.  The mud the tires and whatever did not shut anything down.  Now if you have not been reading that they are dumping or shooting this dispersant into the oil that  makes the oil drop to the floor of the ocean and make it not so sticky.

There a couple of problems to that.

1.  The dispersant is not the good one.  Meaning they are using a cheaper alternative to a bad thing anyway.  Remember chemicals are bad spray in huge amounts without doing other damage as well.

So the EPA wants BP to at least dump the better dispersent in the water and BP is not doing that.  Dude are you fucking kidding me.  Profit is not what should be on anyone’s mind when the big and plentiful Gulf of Mexico is get slammed.

In conclusion: BP is using the cheaper, worse chemical,,, a lot.

Here is a quote about the dispersant they are using for the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico I read on

“Remember: It is the EPA that ordered BP to stop using its selected brand of chemical dispersant, but BP utterly ignored the EPA and continues to dump that very same chemical into the Gulf of Mexico right now.” – Mike Adams

That sucks to me.  I think we need to handle this and stopped hiding everything.