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Oil Spill Current Projection June 2010

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Where the hell is the real news!?

Has anyone realized how hard it is to get real data. Like where is a compreshensive list of what BP and the Man are doing right now about the massively flow

Bio-Remediation a better evironmental alternative to help Oil Leak Gulf

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I may not know much about this but here is some information.  Please read it and research it.  Get back to me if you think it makes sense.  It seems like we have technology that may not profit BP, but it will profit Mother Earth!

Gulf Needs Bacta-Pur

Un-biased news – Oil Leak in Gulf – Where it will go

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“It’s just flesh wound” the famous Monty Python quote when he has both arms and legs chopped off.

That is what is happening in the Gulf.

Un-biased news about the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico and where will the oil go in the Gulf Current

Where do you think World Oil Giant BP is spending it’s money?

1. Press and Media Control!  Oh yeah don’t forget they have to spin the press, hmm how can BP you manage to get arrested over this.

Remember the  famous only 5,000 gallons a day or was it barrels.  Authorities predicted 20 times more right from the start.

2. Politicians!  Wow, now BP really has to make some payouts.  They though paying just for lobbying to drill the oil was expensive.

3. Hotels by the spill areas!  Why would BP by up all the hotel rooms by the spill area making it difficult to get a room, and then not fill them with BP cleanup crew.   Hmmm…

— Oh yeah,  they are trying to “cleaoil spill direction gulf of mexicon” it up too.  The f-edup thing is I have read about other ways that we could be dealing with this.  But profit can be more long term with beach clean-up and less profit made to try to turn this oil into rubber or something.  (I actually read this suggestion by a scientist)

Real news source, please check daily if you want to know what is happening…. thank god for Environmental News Network.

I’m out -H