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Double D Down N Dirty started in Guadalajara Mexico as one of the few pioneering fair trade clothing companies in the world.  Based in New York, Double D Down N Dirty slayed and is currently in retails stores streching from New York to Florida to California. Each batch of clothing that is sold is cut, sewed and printed with: no child labor, fair working conditions, profit sharing for o...
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Uprising Industries originally began promoting festivals in Woodstock NY and had a bunch of good years throwing concerts, arranging the security, designing the flyers and booking the some top talent. UpIn is now developing a couple of different funky clothing lines that are being released in stores next season. Look out for the infinity scarf, long island quality shirts and other funky designs....

Pre-Heat Festival Florida

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pre heat festival burning man florida lakeland

Pre-Heat Festival

Lakeland, Florida

by Harry Dingles – Double Uprising Staff Writer

Morning peeps!

Normally the press team would not be up this early, but we got a festival to go to.  This one is different that most festivals that we go to.

1. We are not “covering’ the event.

2. You don’t really cover a Burning Man Regional, it covers you.

To put it in a better word you Participate!  Sometimes when people get caught up taking pictures, worring about there next tweet or Facebook post they actually miss participating in the event.

Pre-Heat in Lakeland, Florida is a spawn of the big boy Burning Man in the desert in the Nevada and we will not be covering in the traditional sense, we will simply be smashing it!

Everyone who is reading this

take the time to ponder this. Got to this event, turn off your phone, unplug from the outside world and experience what is in front of you. It’s like a game of tag, do you take pictures from the side line (or even just watch) and say wow that looks like a fun game of tag. Or do you join in the fun.

Tag, Your it!

See you there, I will be the lad with the cape and the Treasure Chest O’ Beer.


Harry Dingles

Harry Dingles and the Dingleberries – New 2011 track!

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Artist: Harry Dingles

Song: Hairy Beats

Produced by: Double D Down N Dirty Productions

Year: 2011

Harry Dingles plays all parts in this raw funky tune. Each of these tracks will soon be mastered and you are a lucky one one, 2011!!

Download here: Hairy Beats – it will be a zip file, save it, then upzip it!

Listen here: (its myspace and might take a second)

Or Visit our Myspace too! Harry Dingles and the Dingleberries Myspace

Share it!!

Bring the Funk Music

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Double Uprising loves to bring some of the funkiness to the table. Here is a cool girl getting it down.

Freestyle Jam from Lindsay Perry on Vimeo.

Funky Reggae, Raga Guitar style. Who will find the most funk e ness , I challenge you – V-dub where you at miss Uprising Industries. -H