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Double Uprising – Get up to Get Down
The new Double Uprising is killing it once again. Dub Up is Double D Down N Dirty and Uprising Industries which combine to be one of the most funky promotion companies in the world. We not only each have our own clothing companies but years of promoting and pushing real events to Southern California, East Coast Florida and New York. Contact us for more information for creative festival promot...
Double D Down N Dirty
Double D Down N Dirty started in Guadalajara Mexico as one of the few pioneering fair trade clothing companies in the world.  Based in New York, Double D Down N Dirty slayed and is currently in retails stores streching from New York to Florida to California. Each batch of clothing that is sold is cut, sewed and printed with: no child labor, fair working conditions, profit sharing for o...
Uprising Industries – Tight and Right
Uprising Industries originally began promoting festivals in Woodstock NY and had a bunch of good years throwing concerts, arranging the security, designing the flyers and booking the some top talent. UpIn is now developing a couple of different funky clothing lines that are being released in stores next season. Look out for the infinity scarf, long island quality shirts and other funky designs....

The World Funk

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The World Funk…

website is now back up and running smooth! We had to update The World because we had TOO MANY HITS!!

It was a great problem to have since we The World Funk has over 50,000 real companies listed. Check it out, list your own conscious, fair, sustainable company.

Yours, Harry Yo

Virginia Grassroots Festival – A Rockers Perspective

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Virginia Grassroots Festival – A Rockers Perspective

Virginia Key, next to Miami, Florida – February 9th-12th, 2012

Hi hopes and dreams for this festival ran through blood for months once this festival flyer came passing through my hands. I wanted it to rock. Knowing that Arrested Development was going to play, ArtOfficial, Immortal Technique and Rubblebucket were here in South Florida made my musical knees tingle.  A real camping festival at a Key near Miami even better.

Poised to rip it down on the dance floor, I looked at the computer, “Miami, Florida weather,” I searched and what did I see?! Rain. Not just any old kick and done Florida rain, but a huge system set to drench.

That Thursday night, knowing Arrested Development was going to play made me disregard that rain.  Good tunes are good tunes, regardless of the weather.

Tracey, Dallas and myself were ready to cover this festival, and no silly rain was going to stop us.

Thursday became the “Thank god for the Dance Tent” night. (see earlier article).

The shows that night were sick.

First stop Raffa and Rainer:

virginia keys festival miami florida raffa and rainer

Did we make out alive?  Did we see wonderful moonrises over the water sitting on a beach in Virginia Key?  Stay tuned as the saga continues…..

Virginia Keys Grassroots Festival, Miami Florida- Day 1

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Virgina Key Grassroots Festival – Thursday, February 9th, 2012

by Harry O’Rourke

Monsoon Rain!! Oh nooo. But it’s all good, because we had a chill spot in the, “Thank God for this huge tent” dance tent.

The Grassroots people had it dialed in. It sure did not seem like this was their first Florida festival. (Get down here by the way. Saturday and Sunday should be sunny and the music lineup will be on point – Official Virginia Keys Grassroots Website)

Making things even better about our huge dance tent was that Arrested Development was set to rip it down later that night. A show I have been hoping to see since I was a kid. I thought to myself,  “what’s a little rain in South Florida right?” The air was still warm and the vibe was tight.

Arrested Development – Dance Stage – Thursday Night, February 9th.

photo by Dallas Meck – check out her website here ->

Dallas Meck Photo Arrested Development Virginia Keys Grassroots.

Protected from the rain, the Double Uprising press team hit it heavy. Photographers Tracey Ahrendt (her site) and Dallas snapped pictures while I got the chance to schmooze, and wet the beak under the Florida Brewing Company beer garden tent. Watch out festival goers the Swamp Ape will kick you ass.

Stay tuned,,,,

We got a little lucky, meeting the lead guitar and other band members of The Heavy Pets. More pictures to come!